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In-house Course Programmes

We prioritize delivering value tailored to your needs. Our bespoke solutions are designed to meet your organization's specific requirements, ensuring that your team members acquire skills and knowledge they can immediately apply upon returning to work.

Our trainers, who are active professionals in human resources and organizational development, bring extensive industry experience and insights into best practices. All courses available as public sessions can also be conducted in-house, alongside the workshops listed below. This option can be more cost-effective for organizations needing to train multiple participants and allows for some customization of the course content.
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Our Available Programmes

  • Archiving and Records Management
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Building Trust in the Workplace
  • Empathy at Work
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Improving Self-Awareness
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Administrative Skills
  • Writing A Standard Operating Procedure
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Teamwork and Team Building
  • Creative Thinking Course
  • Improving Self-Awareness Course
  • Employee Engagement Course
  • Sexual Harassment Course
  • Communication Skills Course
  • Report Writing Course
  • Storytelling for Leaders & Managers Course
  • Cost Based Analysis Course
  • Advance Team Leadership Course
  • Impact Analysis Course
  • Admin Office Course
  • Leading Across Cultures Course
  • Organizational Skills Course
  • Strategic Thinking Skills Course
  • Admin Support Course
  • Managing Emails Effectively Course
  • Executive Decision Making Skills Course
  • Performance Management Course
  • Train the Trainer Course
  • Time Management Course
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Course
  • Coaching and Mentoring Course
  • Project Management Course
  • Communication Strategies Course
  • Human Resource Management Course
  • Public Speaking Course
  • Event Management Course
  • Business Storytelling Course
  • 360 Degree Feedback Course
  • Entrepreneurship Course
  • Writing Effective Emails Course
  • Meeting Management Course
  • Self Leadership Course
  • Learning to Lead Course
  • Workplace Diversity Course
  • Building Trust in the Workplace Course
  • Personal Productivity Course
  • Encouraging Attention to Detail Course
  • Lead Generation Course
  • Women in Leadership Course
  • Influence Skills Course
  • The Cloud and Business Course
  • Business Writing Course
  • Personal Development Course
  • Conflict Resolution Course
  • Marketing Basics Course
  • Work-Life Balance Course
  • Writing A SOP Course

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